Casino slot machines jackpot – the biggest gambling wins!

Jackpot – a win, the amount of which is several hundred thousand times higher than the cost of a bet or ticket. The presence of a jackpot is one of the main reasons that attract gambling enthusiasts. One of the prerequisites for winning the jackpot is to carefully study the rules of a particular game. Sometimes they can be won at Jackpot Casino free Vegas slot machines.

The largest jackpot in the history of online casinos was $ 8 million. It was ripped off by a simple worker who received over 6 million from InterCasino. According to statistics, the easiest way is to hit a large jackpot using a virtual slot machine (slot).

Is it realistic to win at the Jackpot Party

If in real casinos the winning combination is on the last line, then using a video slot it is much easier to win. Just match the combination on any line, or participate in the bonus game.

Winning a jackpot in the amount of 10-30 thousand dollars can be observed every week. As for the prize of more than a million dollars, the probability of receiving it is extremely small.

Types of jackpots in online casino

There are several types of jackpots, depending on many factors. Most of all, the variety depends on the amount of winnings, as well as on the conditions for receiving the prize. Currently, the following jackpots are distinguished:

  • Fixed;
  • Progressive;
  • Secret;
  • Double trigger;
  • Input Jackpot.

So what is the difference between each of them? Let’s consider them separately.

Fixed Jackpot

Fixed – the winning amount is clearly defined. Its size remains unchanged regardless of games, bets or tickets sold. The main condition for receiving a prize is the fulfillment of certain conditions (for example, the loss of several mandatory symbols on the machine).


The most popular type of jackpot. The gain is formed depending on the rates or interest on the sale of tickets. If no one collects the winning combination, the prize pool is not raffled off, but increased, according to the players’ investments. The current amount is known to each participant;


Players have no information about the prize pool. The organizers set the extreme indicators, the amount of winnings does not go beyond the specified limits. The winner is determined randomly when the indicator reaches the set amount. This does not require the fulfillment of certain conditions (coincidence of numbers, combinations, and other types);

Double trigger and input jackpot

The first view is a bonus game, with the possibility of winning a super prize. The probability of winning depends on the size of the player’s bet. Participants are not aware of either the amount or the conditions for obtaining an additional prize.

Entrance view is a fixed prize pool that is randomly played between participants. It is awarded to a person with a specific number at the end of the game.

Casino slot machines jackpot opportunities

There is the following list of slot machines on Jackpot Party Casino:

  • isolated – the formation of a prize within a single machine that is not connected to others via the Internet. Depending on the bets, the gain is constantly growing, however, it does not reach astronomical amounts. This kind is often found in video poker;
  • own – the formation of a jackpot through several networked slot machines, within one casino. The probability of receiving such a prize is very high;
  • network – the accumulation of the prize pool occurs by several slot machines using software from one manufacturer. At the same time, the slots may belong to several competing casinos, but all of them deduct interest to the general fund. The amount of such a prize is as high as possible, however, the probability of winning is the lowest.

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